Shifting Sands/ Drawing with Light

August 6, 2011

Artist Statement for exhibition SHIFTING SANDS / DRAWING WITH LIGHT

( Millennium 2011)


I am fascinated by the ephemeral, things that are in a state of flux from one form to another.

Recently the shimmering surface of wet sand has been of particular interest to me. The linear ridges left in the sand, as the tide recedes, seem to perfectly embody wider rhythmic patterns in nature. The coming together of a solid and a liquid, where light can dissolve form, and the reflection of the sky in the land, induces a feeling of weightlessness. The quality of light enveloping, and sometimes obliterating form, is at the heart of the work. I hope to achieve a quiet tension between the static form and an ever changing, living surface.

When creating sculpture I am constantly aware of how its forms will interact with the light, how a reflection can sometimes create shadow, sometimes dissolve line. This linear graphic quality runs through the works in this respect I regard these pieces as drawing with light.